Based on the customer’s request and specifications for mechanical-physical properties, we are able to prepare PVC granulate (softened or non-softened), which can (based on agreement) consist of 100% primary raw materials, 100% secondary materials or a combination of both.
The development and subsequent evaluation can be carried out in our new laboratory equipment according to commonly established standards.

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory double cylinder LRM-S-150-3E made by Labtech
Laboratory double worm EXTRUDER MD 52/23 made by Bausano
Laboratory mixer MIXER MTI M20-FU made by MTI
Laboratory measurement device VST + HDT made by Polymertest
Laboratory freezer box LIEBHERR LGT 2325 made by Liebherr
Laboratory thermal STABILIMETER made by Vamet
Laboratory AS 220 R2 including desk, WLC 30/F1/R made by Radwag
Laboratory ShA and ShD durometers incl. stands and accessories, made by ZwickRoell GmbH
Laboratory tearing device ZWICK 1435 including Zwick extensometer
Laboratory press, including heater
Laboratory die cutter for body preparation
Laboratory manual SPECTRAL PHOTOMETER Ci 60 made by X-Rite Europe GmbH

Density g/cm3 ČSN EN ISO 1183-1 method A Plastics – methods for determining the density of non-cellular plastics – part 1
Hardness ShA-ShD ČSN EN ISO 868 Plastics and ebonite – determination of indentation hardness by means of a durometer (Shore hardness)
Tensile strength limit (strength) MPa ČSN EN ISO 527-3 Plastics – determination of tensile properties
Breaking elongation (ductility) % ČSN EN ISO 527-3 Plastics – determination of tensile properties
Thermal stability min. PN Ekotrend 01 Determination of thermal stability
Flexibility at low temperatures (resistance to frost) ˚C ČSN EN ISO 495-5 Flexible sheets for waterproofing – determination of foldability at low temperature
Part 5: Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing
Vicat B ˚C ČSN EN ISO 306 Thermoplastic materials – determination of Vicat softening temperature (VST)